Is Geothermal too expensive?
 No. At today’s energy prices you can see the payback in five to seven years. We have the most energy efficient system in the world and with the rising cost in energy it will only save you more. If you are building a new home the added cost for installation in most cases will be a smaller monthly payment then your bill’s for heating and air conditioning thereby saving you money immediately!

What is a good furnace?
 While there are allot of good furnaces I recommend NONE OF THE ABOVE. A furnace dries out your air requiring a humidifier, there are too many parts resulting in high repair bills and untimely breakdowns. You need an Air Handler which when combined with On Demand Water Heating can save you up to 40% over some of the best furnaces on the market.

Do I really need In Floor Heating in my new home?
It’s not a matter of need. Talk to anyone who has it and they won’t ever live without it. Before you pour your floor, get the tube in, for later you will grin. In all seriousness you can achieve up to 98% efficiency with Infloor heating. That’s higher than anything else on the market.

Do I need to have regularly scheduled maintenance?
 If you change your filter frequently and keep a clean home then no. The less you vacuum, the more pets, the more smokers, the more carpet and the older your heating system is the more you need to have a professional in to look after your investment.

What type of Air Conditioner should I get?
This is a complicated and long answer I’ll try to shorten. If your budget is your number one concern then get a 13 SEER, R22 or preferably R410A which is phasing out R22.. If you require something quieter because you have no choice but to put it in your back yard then the higher the SEER # the quieter it becomes. Don’t expect to see a return on your money for purchasing a higher SEER. When your AC breaks down in twenty years you might have saved some money. If you have it in your budget and every one bought a higher SEER AC then we could save a huge amount of energy resulting in a cleaner environment.

Where should I put my Air Conditioner?
The closer to your furnace will result in better energy efficiency and longer life. Try and avoid your back yard. This is where you relax and entertain, do you want to see and hear your unit? Some jurisdictions don’t want them on the side of your home. That does not mean you can’t. Ask your neighbour and if you can, get it in writing. If they don’t mind then the town will never bother you. They only respond to complaints.

I have never heard of On Demand Water Heating. Is it worth it?
We have been spoiled with the low cost of energy here in North America. Europe has been using them for years. The information I have studied has led me to believe that a family of four can get a return on their investment in as little as three years. That does not factor in the rental on your tank which is about $250.00 a year, that’s another $750.00 savings in three years. The return on On Demand Water is 2-3 years. You will never run out of hot water and if you only knew what was on the bottom of your old water tank!