Navien Tankless Water Heater

The Ultimate Hot Water Solution


  • All the hot water you need, for as long as you need it
  • Lower energy bills
  • Environmentally friendly





“We‘re tired of running out of hot water, high energy bills and constantly heating a big old water storage tank. That’s why our contractor recommended Navien.
They’re the best in the industry, with the highest efficiency, according to Energy Star. Now we get endless hot water when we need it and we’re not heating water when we don’t”

Navien Tankless 4

Faster Heating, longer life

Only Navien tankless heaters offer ComfortFlow TM  technology to eliminate cold water shock associated with other tankless systems. Our unique buffer tank and recirculation pump assures faster delivery of heated water, available on “A” models.

Navien was the first to offer dual stainless steel heat exchangers, rather than copper. This extends the life of the unit by resisting corrosion. The units are also LP/NG convertible.

Hot Water On Your TermsNavien Tankless 5

Navien tankless water heaters deliver a continuous flow of hot water for as long as you need it. There’s no waiting for a storage tank to warm up.


Navien Tankless 8Save Space

The Navien NPE series wall-mounted tankless water heaters are easy to install and occupy 80% less space than traditional 50 gallon tank-type heaters. Our largest unit is only 17.3″W x 27.4″H x 13.2″D.



Navien Tankless 3